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Global IP Network—ASN 40193

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Technical Resources: Looking Glass BGP Communities

Telemetry—Los Angeles, CA

The following telemetry resources are available from Los Angeles, CA (LAX2)

Disclaimer: These resources are provided on a best-effort basis with no guarantees. The data provided here is purely expositional and may not reflect real world performance in all cases—in particular, SLA claims may not be made based on this data. Not for use with automated scripts/applications without prior authorization from Trit Networks. All transactions are logged

Test files available for download via HTTP

10 MB This Server IPv4 (pool) IPv6 (pool)
25 MB This Server IPv4 (pool) IPv6 (pool)
100 MB This Server IPv4 (pool) IPv6 (pool)
250 MB This Server IPv4 (pool) IPv6 (pool)

Perform a ping or traceroute

Warning: Looking Glass may have limited availability

Looking Glass in LAX2

External Telemetry

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